WEDDING FILM: David & Cecilia // In My Dreams

Being a couple is about two people joining as one and growing their relationship together, but it should not be forgotten that bond also allows each person in the relationship to grow as an individual as well. Listening to David and Cecilia’s vows, you understand how important it is to them that they supported and encouraged each other to become all they can be – both as people and as husband and wife. It was beautiful to hear them share their connection and express their love in front of their family and friends.

I have to say David and Cecilia’s wedding was a jam packed day with preparations, a tea ceremony, a church ceremony plus lunch, then on a photoshoot at the magnificant Labassa mansion before finally reaching the reception complete with photobooth and fireworks to boot! I feel exhausted just writing that, but it was certainly a wonderful event to be a part of and we especially loved having a boogie on the dance floor while David played kickarse drums with the band!;)

To David & Cecilia, thanks for letting us tell both the story of your meeting and the story of the day of your marriage – we hope you have many more wonderful stories to share and tell for many years to come!

~ Emily

Wedding Cinematography : Living Lens Wedding Films  | Wedding Photography : T-One Image | Photography Location: Labassa

Wedding Ceremony: St Mary’s Parish   | Wedding Reception : The Manor on High

WEDDING FILM: JADE & MICHAEL // A Drink Between Friends

The weather on Jade & Michael’s wedding day was very confused. It started out overcast, it rained, the sun shined, it rained again just before the ceremony but thankfully it cleared in time and the evening turned into a beautiful starry night with not a cloud in the sky. Luckily all this up and down with the weather didn’t phase either of them – Jade & Michael knew that whatever the weather, this was going to be the best day ever!

Jade, her Mum and Bridesmaids spent the morning being pampered at the beautiful Villa Botanica, while on the other side of the bay Michael and his mates were relaxing and having a celebratory drink to start the day off right. As the ceremony time grew closer, all their nearest and dearest arrived at the beautiful Seaside Pavillion to witness Jade & Michael join hands, join lives and join families. And afterwards the now one big family celebrated with drinks and a bit of crochet on the lawn, followed by a beautiful intimate dinner of the seaside verandah.

After living in Central Queensland for the past three years it was lovely to be able to finally film a wedding in the Whitsundays. We had been very lucky enough to film a promo video for local photographer Iconic Bride at Villa Botanica a while ago and it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly since we got to film at the villa alongside Norina from Iconic Bride again as well!

Jade & Michael, it was such a pleasure spending the day with you and your families, we know you guys will have a wonderful life with such wonderful people around to love and support you. Congrats!

~ Emily


Wedding Film Cinematographers : Living Lens // Wedding Photographer : Iconic Bride // Wedding Venue : Villa Botanica

WEDDING FILM: MATT & NADIA// Home Is Where The Heart Is

This is a bit of a special wedding film for us. It was our first wedding for 2013 and for a change we were actually guests! Matt is one of Pete’s oldest friends and a fellow film maker – they started their film careers back in high school, producing the now infamous war-action movie series “Combat Retaliation Armed Police Services” (otherwise known as C.R.A.P.S), and while we headed into wedding films, Matt is in the process of getting his feature film “Territorial” funded (follow his progress here and get behind Aussie film making!!)

Annnywaaaay, back to the story of Matt & Nadia. Set in the front yard of their home in Warburton, with hay bale pews and collected bottles and jars with twigs and paper flowers for table decoration, their day was one of the loveliest, most hand-made-with-love weddings we have had the pleasure to attend. Add to that a home cooked meal prepared and served by Nadia & Matt’s family and and open mic night on the balcony for all their talented friends to sing and share under the beautiful bushland canopy and you have a magical event to be witness to and be a part of.

As this was our gift to Matt & Nadia, it came with the condition of being able to experiment and try something new. Pete’s idea for this edit was to capture more of the “essence” of the day, to make it a more sensory experience that triggers the memory of moments and the emotions of the day. I am proud of what Pete has achieved – it’s very different from our current highlights, but something we are very excited at introducing in the near future!

To Matt & Nadia, thank you for inviting us to share in your beautiful commitment to each other. It was wonderful to be invited as a guest and be able to give you this memory to keep and we look forward to seeing your relationship continue to grow and be part of the new life you are creating.

~ Em & Pete

Wedding Cinematography : Living Lens Wedding Films // Wedding Venue, Styling & Catering: Matt & Nadia + family and friends!


We love to be part of intimate weddings and Joël & Karen’s wedding was exactly that. I remember how excited Karen was when she found out that I could film their day, she had been looking for something specific and we just connected straight away. When I arrived to Daylesford the day before their wedding and met up with Joël & Karen, they both were so open and welcoming and both them and their guests made me feel like I have been one of their friends for a long time, so this wedding was something of an experience, not just that I was able to capture their beautiful day but that I could also meet such wonderful people.

Joël & Karen choose the beautiful artist residence of Tasma House to host their wedding weekend, and the whole place had this enchanting feel about it. On the evening of their wedding day they hosted an open mic night and their friend Ally got up to tell a story – the age old story of boy meets girl, beautifully woven into a modern day fairy tale and it seemed to fit so perfectly into the story I wanted to create. There are so many times people describe a wedding day as a fairy tale and we always aim to create something that is a little bit more magical and special to each couple but to be able to actually tell a real fairy tale like it is one was such a blessing and so fun too!

Joël & Karen, it was a great pleasure and honour to meet you and be part of your celebrations. I wish you both (and of course Dali) a wonderful and magical life together.


Wedding Cinematography : Living Lens Wedding Films // Wedding Venue : Tasma House, Daylesford // Celebrant  : Debra Holder

Vanessa Laverty - oh this is so beautiful – I don’t even know these people and I was tearing up :) well done!