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A wedding on the outside can look very similar to any other wedding - bride in a white dress, groom in a suit, rings, vows, champers, dancing… and while we love capturing all these elements, we feel our real strength is in finding the real stories of the day. It’s our creative passion to craft all these elements and tell your story  through not only your voice, but the voices of those closest to you.

We use the word “investment” instead of prices because when thinking about the cost of a wedding video, we want you to look past the budget of your wedding day and think about the value of having a wedding video in years to come. It can be emotionally powerful re-watching your vows right after the wedding when you feel like you couldn’t love each other more, but imagine the overwhelming feeling you would get, sitting next to your husband of fifty years, watching the start of your life journey together.

We are based in Central Queensland but do weddings Australia wide, having visited Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Whistundays, Cairns and Margaret River – we go where the story takes us!
Rockhampton wedding videos start at $2400
Destination wedding films start from $4700

STORY FILM: DAVID & THO // Circle of Life

I remember standing at the reception, listing to the speeches from both David & Tho’s fathers and thinking how wonderful it was that these men could take this moment to tell their children what it meant to have them in their lives. These words of gratitude and shared wisdom seemed to perfectly fit the significance of David & Tho’s wedding day – the day they left their childhood homes and began a new family life together and how, for just a moment, you could glimpse into David & Tho’s future to see them experiencing this same joy at the achievements and special moments of their own children-to-be.

The day started up in the cloudy yet beautiful Yarra Valley, the smell of the eucalyptus trees was uplifting and only enhanced the beautiful country scenery where they were getting ready for the big day. Despite the the schedule on paper, the day was very relaxed and we really enjoyed capturing all the special moment these two shared with family and friends. The ceremony and reception at the stunning Stones of the Yarra Valley really match the honesty and elegance of David & Tho’s wedding. A special mention must go out to Stones co-ordinator Sarah not only did a great job on making the reception run beautifully, she made sure we were well looked after during the evening, which is much appreciated on a 14 hour wedding work day! And of course, we also had the pleasure of working with the lovely Kirsten Cook (see her magic photos of the day here!)

David & Tho, it was such a pleasure to be there to capture the day and to be able to tell this story, which we hope you and your family will treasure for generations to come.

Leash Edwards - Beautiful story.


We love to be part of intimate weddings and Joël & Karen’s wedding was exactly that. I remember how excited Karen was when she found out that I could film their day, she had been looking for something specific and we just connected straight away. When I arrived to Daylesford the day before their wedding and met up with Joël & Karen, they both were so open and welcoming and both them and their guests made me feel like I have been one of their friends for a long time, so this wedding was something of an experience, not just that I was able to capture their beautiful day but that I could also meet such wonderful people.

Joël & Karen choose the beautiful artist residence of Tasma House to host their wedding weekend, and the whole place had this enchanting feel about it. On the evening of their wedding day they hosted an open mic night and their friend Ally got up to tell a story – the age old story of boy meets girl, beautifully woven into a modern day fairy tale and it seemed to fit so perfectly into the story I wanted to create. There are so many times people describe a wedding day as a fairy tale and we always aim to create something that is a little bit more magical and special to each couple but to be able to actually tell a real fairy tale like it is one was such a blessing and so fun too!

Joël & Karen, it was a great pleasure and honour to meet you and be part of your celebrations. I wish you both (and of course Dali) a wonderful and magical life together.


You would think planning a wedding is hectic enough, so buying a house, honeymooning in the US and then coming home to renovate and move in all within eight weeks and in the lead up to Christmas seems crazy right? But that is exactly what Elaine and Jason are currently in the middle of right now! So hopefully they can both take a moment out of their busy schedule to sit back and enjoy reliving their beautiful wedding day.

Congratulations Elaine & Jason, we wish you all the best for your future together (with Bailey too of course!) and hope you have a bit of time in the new year to relax and enjoy married life:D